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Samgyeopsal for our First Dinner in Jeju

When we started walking I started limping, my husband asked if I am okay. I said yes even though there’s a little pain on my leg, we didn’t walked any farther anymore and we just look for a food place to eat so I can rest my leg. We fount joints or barbecue places we went to the first shop we found open but it turns out they are closed already so we walked a little and we finally found a place to sit, relax and eat.


We only have thing in mind “Samgyeopsal” a popular Korean dish which is commonly served as an evening meal, it consists of thick, fatty slices of pork belly meat (similar to uncured bacon). The meat, usually neither marinated nor seasoned, is cooked on a grill at the diners’ table. Usually diners grill the meat themselves and eat directly from a grill. It is often dipped into a spicy pepper paste.

The guy immediately prepared the improvised grill in every table and served us the side dish as well the pork meat and we started grilling our meal and eat, we ordered twice as we are both hungry.

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Returning to New Delhi on New Years Day

We sleep early after the dinner at the rooftop we need plenty of rest as we are both sick and weak because of stomach problem, we already took a pill but it seems the charcoal pill that we bought at the airport in Malaysia is not working. The next day which is New Years day (2011) we check out of our room at a exactly checkout time,  our train from Jaipur will not depart until 2:00 in the afternoon.

Within 4 hours or so we reached New Delhi, we stayed at the same hotel as we have already booked in advanced when left New Delhi.  The bell boy is happy to see us, as my husband and I are both hungry we just left our things in our room and went to the rooftop restaurant of Vivek Hotel. We didn’t eat anything since we left Jaipur thinking that we are going to be in trouble while we are in the train so imagine how hungry we are,  the first thing I ordered is soup. My stomach feels empty and cold and I need something hot, my husband seeing me enjoying my soup he ordered vegetable soup for him.

Meal at Vivek Hotel Rooftop Restaurant

I have ordered fried chicken with fried vegetables and potato while my husband ordered fried chicken with french fries and vegetables, and a piece of naan.  After eating we returned to our hotel room and sleep, we are both exhausted and tired.

The next day I wake up early thinking we are going to visit those sites we’ve missed to visit when we first arrived in New Delhi, but my husband is too sick and tired to get up. He can’t make it and I was told that if I want to do the sightseeing I can do it alone, well how am I going to do it when I know he is sick inside our hotel room. So I went back to bed with a promised from my husband that we are going to visit those sites the next time we return to India, but that’s not anytime sooner.

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Eating Dinner in Jaipur Inn

When we went out the Amber Fort it is already a little dark and many people are already rushing to the gate, the fort is already going to close.  When we reached Jaipur it was already dark, we bid goodbye and thanks to Baba for driving us around and for the wonderful trip. We are going back to New Delhi tomorrow and we are looking on seeing more things in Jaipur when we returned to India.

Dinner in Jaipur Inn

We ate dinner at the rooftop restaurant of Jaipur Inn instead of going out to find a new place to eat, we are both tired and sick. We are both suffering from traveler’s diarrhea despite the fact that we didn’t eat any food from the street since the day we traveled, my husband started to be sick when we are in Varanasi while me when we are still in Calcutta. I ordered a baked potato with meat and cream, my husband ordered pizza, rice and curry, it seems he likes the curry from Jaipur Inn.

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Eating Dinner on the Rooftop Restaurant of Jaipur Inn

We are exhausted and tired when arrived at Jaipur Inn because of the bumpy ride, before and Baba and we parted ways we reminded each other what time we are going to start our day tour the next day. When we went inside the Inn the male owner was there (whom according to my husband is in military) we greeted each other and even invite us if we want to go with them (another guest)  for an early walk in the morning to the nearby hill to see the sunrise.  We didn’t say yes nor declined the invitation, we just said we have to see if we are not too tired to wake up early in the morning.

Jaipur Inn Food
We used the internet room at the inn for about 30  or 60 R.s per hour if I remember it right to check emails and see what’s happening, we are in Agra when we found out that Kim Jong-il was dead. After about one hour we went to our room to wash and we directly went to the rooftop to eat our dinner, the owner informed us that we can eat there aside from the canteen/restaurant in the lobby.

At the rooftop it was a little bit dark despite that there are light bulbs and Christmas lights lit, it was somehow like a romantic ambiance. Some guest was drinking (there’s a bar on the rooftop), eating, talking and reading under some lights.  It was a bit chilly at the rooftop so I went down to our room to get my sweater after we ordered our food.

Jaipur Inn Meal

My husband ordered white creme spaghetti while I ordered chow mein then we shared the curry and rice he ordered, although he is the only one who ate most of the curry as it was too spicy for my tongue, we had an slice soft drink (orange-mango softdrink) to go with our meal.

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