How to Get CFO Certificate

As a Filipina and a wife of foreigner you have to attend a seminar and get a CFO Certificate. As what I have said on my previous post How to Apply F3 Visa in Korea I need it for my visa application in Korean Embassy. So it was May 27, 2009 when I went to CFO Office (Citigold Center) around 6:00 AM, there’s already a long line. I am quite worried  because as what I have read online I need a schedule to attend the seminar, but I don’t have one.

I am so much worried too when all the people around me were scheduled for seminar that day and they were scheduled two weeks since the day they called the office. Oh, God! I have been calling the CFO Office for one week and nobody answered my call.  I just thought if I really need a schedule I am going to be broke if I stayed in Cavite  for two more weeks, ye I travel from Cavite going to Manila for my papers application and etc.

Aside from that I am also confused where to go CFO Manila or the other CFO Office in Taft Avenue.  I am already hopeless when I saw other people who went inside and when they went out they are holding a piece of paper and then they left. To see what’s going on I decided to check it for myself, I have a met a not so young guard I have asked him if I am still qualify to attend a seminar even though I don’t have a schedule.  The guard asked me if I am OFW or wife of a foreigner, I replied the latter then after some question and answer portion, I hurriedly went out the building and look for my mother (who is with me all the time). Well your guess is right as mine, the seminar for wife/fiancee of a foreigner is not  anymore conducted  in Citigold Center  it is already in Taft Avenue.  Well this is the address:

3rd Floor, Banco de Oro Building
2442 Taft Avenue, Manila
(opposite De La Salle University)

We arrived in Taft  around 7 AM,  together with another Filipina which happened to be a fiancee of a foreigner. I am with my mother, she is with her sister, we took one taxi.  The guard was so kind, after logging in at the log-book, he ask me if who is with me I told him my mother, he is so dramatic he got my mother’s hand and blessed. Lol!

Anyway here is the requirements I brought:

  1. Two (2) valid ID with photo
  2. NSO Marriage Certificate
  3. Payment of P250.00

For other requirements and question please visit this site: CFO Website

The seminar will start at 9: AM, so the guard told us to have our breakfast first and be there at the time he said. So, my mother and I went to tropical hut to have some pancake.

At 8:45 we are allowed to get inside the building, at the 3rd floor a chubby lady in the counter hand us an form to be answered.  When I am done filling up the form  I returned it to her and pay the payment. Then she instructed  me to get inside the US room, there’s a lot of room and they are named by country.

Inside there’s already few people,  smiling face, chika2 and etc., then we are instructed to go to Korea Room, all of us. They introduce their self (PRISM employees and discuss why CFO is needed and etc.) then back to respected room again.

I was lost, I did not heard that Canadian wife will wait at the hallway so I lost my chance to be interview so I return at 1:00 PM again. (So mean). Well to cut the story short I returned at exactly 1:00 PM, actually I just waited outside. Lol. So the one on one interview happend so quick, they just ask some personal question and everything, ask me if I have a picture together and so on, the lady also asked a copy of my passport.

After the short interview or let me say chika portion  I went to the photo area. Smile because that will your photo in the CFO certificate forever, I waited a few minutes until my yellow certificate for seminar  is printed and signed by them.  When I received it, my mother and I left the building  to look for a photocopy center, I need my yellow certificate to be photocopied before I return to CFO Manila in Citigold Center to pay P400.00 and get my green certificate  and  a sticker on my passport.

But as I am not yet immigrating to Canada, CFO didn’t add a sticker on my passport. They  told me when I am already flying to Canada I have to return to CFO to have that sticker.

Oh well, if you don’t know yet your CFO certificate will be stamped according to your husband’s nationality, so even if I am going to Korea, my CFO certificate says Canada.

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133 Responses to “How to Get CFO Certificate”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks this really help a lot! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    can u give me some tip…what question they ask to you on the one on one interview…god bless

  3. marygracecamarig says:

    hi….. ms RyHeAnNe taga cavite ka rin ba….may nakapag sabi saakin pede daw mag seminar dito sa dasma sa my bdo malapit sa de lasalle answer naman if alam mo … :)

    • admin says:

      Hi Mary Grace hindi po ako taal na taga-Cavite nakitira lang po ako sa kamag-anak while processing my visa and CFO. Hindi ko po alam yong seminar sa Dasma. Mas mabuti po eh visit ninyo site ng CFO. Pwede rin kayo tumawag at mag-inquire Ateh. Madali lang naman po kumuha ng CFO certificate in one day eh matatapos mo. ^_^

  4. little princess says:

    gudam.hi i'm Cha from Dava City. thanks for the information. im also married to a Korean and I'm planning to apply for my visa maybe this month or early next year.. i have a question, pagkatapos po ba ng seminar kahit wla pang visa pwede na po pala makapunta sa CFO Office? kala ko po kc after na ng visa that's the time na magparegister ka sa CFO. please help me. im confused. thanks a lot :-)

    • admin says:

      Hi Cha good afternoon, opo kahit wala pang visa pwede na mag-apply ng CFO. Kasi sa Korean Embassy kailangan talaga my CFO muna bago mag-aaply visa ayon sa experience ko. Ang seminar sa CFO for a wife of Korean takes four(4) days kasi kailangan ninyo pa alamin ang kanilang culture and etc., yon ang sabi sa amin ng CFO Officer na nag-orient sa amin.

      Good luck and welcome here in Korea in advance! ^_^

  5. Anonymous says:

    hi ms.Ryheanne ask ko lng if ok lng ba na ung id ko eh nong single pa ko pag umattend ako ng cfo. korean ung hubby ko nd we're planning to visit to korea kaya nid ko ng visa.

    • admin says:

      Hello Ms. Anonymous much better po if recent ID mo ang dalhin mo with your married name, like postal ID para walang abala. ^-^

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi, i need this certificate to change the status of my passport after i get married to my american husband but my problem is im here in Iloilo… i cant come in manila just to get schedule and go back home and come back after couple of weeks. what shal i do. i hope they have branch here in iiloilo. please help.

  7. avatarlady says:

    My bad, I didn't backread. I'm quite lost here. I forgot to ask what's your husband's job. Is he a diplomat or something? You seem to be constantly moving from place to place. Nice. =)

  8. Anonymous says:

    hi ryheanne
    i have a foreigner husband he is American .. we got married last month i process my papers in NSO already and i release it on April 25 i don't have a valid ID with my married name .. what should i do ? i came last week in DFA and then the employer says i need CFO certificate before she give me a passport .. what should i do now ? please help me .. thanks a Lot , god bless


    • admin says:

      Hi Jhoanne just apply for postal ID with your married name you can have it after few minutes and get a new NBI clearance with your married name too. It will only took few hours., God Bless too! ^_^

  9. Anonymous says:

    i got married to my wife on feb and shes on the process of getting her passport right now so she can come to canada ibig nyong sabihin kailangan pa ang cfo?

    • admin says:

      Hi, I think she really need a CFO Certificate,.don’t worry madali lang naman.

      Who are the main beneficiaries of CFO programs?

      1. Filipino emigrants and immigrants or permanent residents abroad;
      2. Filipinos overseas who have become citizens of other countries or dual citizens;
      3. Filipino spouses and other partners of foreign nationals leaving the country;
      4. Descendants of Filipinos overseas as defined in B.P. 79
      5. Filipino youth overseas; and
      6. Exchange Visitor Program participants

  10. anony april 6 says:

    thanks for the info and for writing your experience on your blog anonymouse april 6! i asked my aunt n uncle about thier experience and they had a similar one like yours so now when i help my wife get her cfo ill know what to expect thanks alot ingat lagi!

  11. Anonymous says:

    hello my name is cherry nakapag-asawa ako ng isang french canadian, paano ba at saang lugar pwede kumuha ng cfo??mahirap ba mga questions? need appointment first? what need to bring? please help me huhuhuhuhuhu!! thank you!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Cherry No need an appointment, CFO has two offices, Manila and Cebu. So kung nasa sa Cebu ka diyan ka na lang kumuha. What you need is indicated above but for more information visit this site here, kasi it depends sa mag-iinterview sayo kung may gusto pa siyang hingin. Don’t forget to bring photo together hihingan ka kasi. No need to worry hindi naman mahirap ang questions. Sasabihan ka lang what to do and where to go in case magkproblem ka sa ibang bansa. God Bless!

  12. cherry says:

    ask ko lang 1 valid i.d with pic pwede na ba?? i have my old i.d with my not married surname kasi ang sss ko for processing ng pag-change status, sana pwede na ang mag iyon. thank you

  13. jamie says:

    hi im jamie 18 years old po im married in a korean guy this august 09 ,i only have 1 postal i.d with my husband surname pero wla na po aq ibang i.d.Ok na po kaya un?thnx

    • admin says:

      Hi Jamie, as the requirement says you need Two (2) valid identification cards (IDs) with photograph, so I really don’t know if pwede na ang isa., try to get a work or school ID with your married name. Kung wala na talaga try to secure NBI clearance with your married name kc may photo naman yon so baka pwede na but I am not so sure,.support lang naman ung second ID eh. Well if hindi pwede eh sabhin mo na lang sa kanila ang reason mo why you only have one ID :) Good luck!

  14. Lyka says:

    hi, i’m Lyka..I’m in the middle po of processing my papers to get a passport..is it ok po ba n pumunta na s CFO pra kumuha ng certificate khit wala pa ung passport ko?Kasi ang nkalagay lng nmn n req dito s blog nyo are 2 valid I.D.’s and the NSO M.C. ska po ung fee..saka po pala,kailangan din po ba magpa appointment bago pumunta dun?..thanks po and God bless=)

    • admin says:

      Hi Lyka,

      Yap its okay to apply/get a CFO certificate kahit walang passport kasi may kasabay ako dati na on the process din ang passport. Pero mas mabuti kung meron ka na passport para di ka na bumalik at matapos mo in one day ang processing kasi lalagyan ng sticker passport mo eh., yon don’t need an appointment punta ka lang ng maaga kasi 9 ang start nang seminar.,

      If you have a passport hihingan ka din nila ng photocopy ng passport mo.

      • Lyka says:

        Thanks s mabilis na response..kakatuwa nmn tong blog mo..sya nga pla,may question ulit me,need ba na ang I.D. na dadalhin,ung last name na ng husband ko ang gamit ko?or ok lng ung last name ko sa paka dalaga ko?kakakasal lng kc nmn nung 10 days ago..thanks again and more power=)

        • admin says:

          Your welcome and thank you too. ID with your married name if maari, apply ka lang ng postal ID para may isa ka nang ID., Congratulations pala., :)

  15. Lyka says:

    hi, andito na naman me..ask n nmn ng question..ung husband ko kasi,civilian sya s korea..sa army base nya ngwowork,now,he asked me to send my passport and MC there in Korea tpos sa korea nlng daw lalagyan ng visa and im good to go na daw..My question is,do i still have to take the CFO seminar and get the sticker?i hope you have some info about new rules po under SOFA visa..thanks and GOD bless=)

    • admin says:

      Hi Lyka nice seeing ulit, yes required lahat ng Filipina/Filipinong paalis ng bansa to have a seminar in CFO, kukunan ka lang ng visa number ng hubby mo but as what I know kailangan mo pa rin pumunta sa Korean embassy to submit the application ang kaibahan nga lang approved ka na kc may visa number ka na from Korea.

      • Lyka says:

        Hi po..=) ganun ba?i thought it will save me some hassle not to go to Korean Embassy here…hay,ito kasing hubby ko,di rin siguro nya alam..pinipilit nya kc na i dont need to go to the embassy..First time kasi namin kaya i ask alot of question,especially im from Tarlac City and its hard to travel as much as i can to go to manila..So,ok lng na ipadala ko ung passport ko sa kanya then stamp it there,or should i apply first sa Korean embassy here?Im not really sure what to do eh..=( But thanks alot for the advice,it helps alot po=)I hope you dont get tired answering our questions..Have a great day always and GOD BLESS…

  16. Lyka says:

    hi Rhian..thanks sa email mo sa akin..now,i know where to start na..lol..thnks po talaga^_^.
    I am actually on my way to CFO in manila to attend the seminar. Ok lng ba kung mga xerox copy lng ang dala ko?like the NSO MC,kinuha kc sa DFA ung orig na NSO MC ko eh..im crossing my finger its ok..GOD BLESS n more power s BLOG mo :-)

    • admin says:

      Good luck Lyka, you should get few copies of your NSO marriage certificate.,you need it here, when you change your visa to F3. Thanks!

  17. Ashley says:

    hi to everyone ahm does anyone try to help me to get as well the cfo certicate becauce i have finacee and we decide to meet in hong kong but he is merreid before does everyone knows if what to do to this matters,,, plzzzzzzzz

  18. Ashley says:

    ahm even my finacee was merried before is it the docs u was telling is that only docs that i need to bring,,,,

    • admin says:

      Well I think so, you’re not married yet so you can’t bring a marriage certificate. CFO is required to every Filipino who wants to go abroad, don’t forget to bring picture of you together if you have. To be prepared just bring all your documents, if you have NSO BC, NBI clearance you can bring them too because sometimes other requirements depends on the person who will do the interview.,

  19. pilar says:

    hi..ask ko lang kung sana about id.,kailangan ba talaga surname n ng husband ang gagamitin ang kailangan??kasi sa korean ang alam ko hinde napapalitan ang surname ng babae kahit na ikasal pa ito..salamat po..

    • admin says:

      Hi as what I know you can still use your maiden name kahit kasal ka na. Dunno what is there law here in Korea, anyway it is up to you, to use your maiden name or married name.

  20. nellie71111 says:

    kailangan p bang kumuha ng CFO CERTIFICATE ANG TOURIST VISA?

    • admin says:

      As what I know opo lahat ng Filipinong lalabas ng bansa kailangan ng CFO, esp., for immigrant and wife of foreigners .. pero to make sure just call CFO Office, I am not really sure about tourist visa ..

  21. juliet says:

    gud eve po… ask ko lng po if any ID ay pwede?besides postal and NBI…

    • admin says:

      Yes, pwede mo gamitin ID mo sa work or student ID.

      • juliet says:

        pano pag ang passport ko ay single pa ako?pd ba un? and what if I can’t get soon my ID using my husband’s last name, kasi we are getting married on june 20, 2012, at gusto nming magksbay kami umalis ng Pilipnas… panu po un… and alm ko po kasi is mtgal bago mai-filed sa NSO ad sa merrage contract, so panu po un… what if isama ko po ang husband ko once na pumunta po ako jan?magiging madali po ba un at mkakatulong po ba un kahit wala p po kami record ng marriage conhtract from NSO?

        • admin says:

          Hi Juliet, ang postal ID pwede mo makuha in one day. Anyway dito ba nagwowork husband mo or he is a Korean? Much better you have to change the status of your passport para madali ka niya mkuha. At para madali mo naman makuha ang marriage certificate ninyo sa NSO ipaendorse mo sa Local Civil Registrar diyan sa town mo, mga two weeks lang ata or sabihin na nating one month lang eh makukuha mo na sa NSO, magbabayad ka lang nga ng extra para maendorse siya. We have our MC endorse din kasi kaya nakuha ko ang MC namin without waiting for few months.

          • juliet says:

            nasa Korea xa now, punta xa dito on june para mgpakasal nga kami…so u mean I can’t go to Korea with him after his vacation here?

          • admin says:

            As what I know you can’t, you need to prove sa Korean embassy na mag-asawa kayo para madala ka niya sa Korea, kasama na jan ung passport mo with married name and NSO MC so you need to wait para diyan, and u need papers from him para makaapply ka ng visa sa Korean embassy like photocopy of military order and etc. You really need to wait for few months or depende kung kailan mo mready documents mo at kung kailan mapapadala ng asawa mo ang kailangan mong papers para makaapply ka ng visa, kung nakumpleto mo lahat ng papers you can follow as soon as possible kc madali lang naman mag-apply ng visa as long you have a complete documents then makukuha mo na xa after few days.,

  22. juliet says:

    and once I get there can I renew my passport at Korea?

  23. juliet says:

    so my fiance will come here in Philippines for us to get married on June 25, and he want me to go with him when he came back in Korea… so he called to Korean Embassy, and he ask whats the requirements for me to go with him, and he ask if its possible for me to go with him on July 9…and the Korean Embassy said that I can.. Is it really possible? He is a US Military stationed in Korea…

  24. juliet says:

    good day… so I want to ask how long will it takes for me to get CFO?

  25. stephanie says:

    heloo..i just want to ask if pwede pa ring kumuha ng cfo kahit ang i.d mo eh yung nung single kapa..kasi my passport narin ako bago ko nameet yong korean husband ko..panu yon?plz reply

    • admin says:

      Hi, pwede. Kasi yong mga nag-aapply ng fiancee visa sa US embassy eh single rin naman sila nang kumuha ng CFO. Pero diba mas maganda kung magchange status ka sa passport mo para makuha ka agad ng hubby mo? Four days ang seminar ng Korean wife, you have to learn the culture and etc., pero di ko alam ngayon if 4 days pa rin..

  26. emee joy daz says:


    ask ko lang po,aksedente kc nasunog ang passport ko together my cfo cirtificate..kumuha ako ng panibagong passport ang release this coming 20th of april..but required nila sa akin ibigay kahit photocopy lang ng cfo ko kc marred ako sa swedish foreigner..ang tanong ko bakit po 2 weeks bago e release ang cfo cirtificate samantala nakuha naman po iyon one day..aalis na po ako ng 27 of april pero ang probelama po diko makukuha ang passport ko..at may appointment po ako sa nowergian embassy sa 23 to stamp the visa for my new passport..give nu po ako ng advice what we kc need ko po talaga..i not call early cfo since i know that cfo takes just one day same before..bakit naman po and tagal..plz reply–

    • admin says:

      Hi Emee I am sorry to hear about your ordeal. Baka hahalukayin pa nila sa baul ng files nila (lol) kaya matagal unlike kapag sa mismong araw na kukuha tayo eh ipprint lang nila after ng seminar. Hindi ko rin alam kung ano ang rules or process nila sa mga nawalang CFO certificate, maybe they need verification and etc., Maghanap ka na lang ng kopya ng CFO mo baka may naitago ka or meron kang kopya sa email mo copy lang naman ang hinihingi sa mga embassy unless gustong makita ang original, saka copy din sa airport/immigration pero as what I know you need the CFO sticker on your passport so kailangan mo talagang hintayin ang CFO certificate para mastickeran passport mo which mean you need to postpone your flight., for better advice eh ask them personally kung ano ang mas magandang gawin kasi sila ang mas nakakaalam. :)

  27. emee joy bell daz says:

    salamat sa responsed..ang mahirap kc wala sila explanation kung bakit ganun naman katagal..i ask din if i allowed na mag attend nalang ng new seminar if that is the best way..hindi naman na daw pede..at bakit ang mahal naman ng cerificate 800 piso..ok lang naman sana one week tagal naman ng 2 weeks..

    • admin says:

      May penalty siguro kaya mahal, I already forgot kung magkano yong yellow certificate pero yong green eh P400.00 yon dati…saka kaya siguro hindi mag-attend uli ng seminar eh baka override or magdoble ang record nila .. :)

  28. dixie says:

    good day po… I just want to ask if how long to get a CFO? thanks po

  29. dixie says:

    so I have a question… so my fiance will be here on june for us to get married, and he will get back in Korea on july… so can I go with him back to Korea?is it acceptable if we have marriage contract but not from NSO?coz I just read that they need NSO marriage certificate, but we are just married so how will I go with him to Korea, if I couldn’t get our marriage certificate from NSO that fast… what will we need to do? is it ok if we proved them we are really married… how will we do for me to go with my husband to Korea? thanks

    • admin says:

      You need NSO certificate to change your status here in Korea and it is also one of the requirements to apply visa in Korean embassy. As what I have said already ask your local civil registrar to endorse your marriage certificate to NSO so you can get the NSO copy after two weeks or one month which I think you have plenty of time because as what you said you’re going to get married on June. Thanks.

  30. juliet says:

    good evening…I just want to ask if I need a visa if I am going stay only 21 days in Korea?and what do I need for me to go there for 21 days?thanks

    • admin says:

      Yes you need a visa to Korea, requirements are 1) bank certificate stating your savings, (2) certificate of employment showing your salary and position, (3) latest ITR (income tax return), (4) your passport and a copy, plus the (5) visa application form and (6) 2×2 pictures and if you have been invited, (7) a notarized invitation letter.

  31. dk_27 says:

    hi i just want to ask..after the seminar, are they going to give me the GCC (guidance counselling certificate)?and after that i’ll go to citigold center for registration and im done? it’s just 1 day process right? i’ll be going to australia and i have my flight booked already and i didn’t know i need to have the cfo sticker..thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi, yes after the seminar they will give you the yellow certificate, have it photocopied then proceed to Citigold center for the green certificate and sticker and you are done. The seminar is only for one day so no worries,.

  32. jhen says:

    Good day!!!
    i just wanna ask po, i am married to a US citizen based from guam..ask ko lang po, what will i do first..to change my passport carries my husband’s surname or do i need to get the cfo certificate first? i am confused lang po…the validity of my passport is nov 2013…my visa is not yet on the process because were still waiting for the request from the USCIS about the certification of my husband’s naturalization because he lost it…and what are the requirements po do i need to bring for the cfo? please help me po…thank you so much in advance….God bless

    • admin says:

      If you already have your NSO Marriage Certificate you might as well change your status, it is okay even your passport is not yet expired. I have done mine few months after I applied for passport (lol). The requirements are listed above (post). Thanks :)

  33. jhen says:

    thanks for the response….i have a question again po, ive read that one of the requirement for the renewal and change of status of passport especially if the women married a foreign national that they need to present a CFO certificate to the DFA before claiming the renewed passport….so how can i do that if they required that thing? pls help me po…thank you…GOd bless

    • admin says:

      Hi it is okay to do the seminar just tell them (PRISM Employees in CFO) that you are going to renew your passport and it is one of the requirements for doing so. Then they will ask you to return to Citigold when you already have your new passport and visa for the sticker.,

  34. grace perez says:

    maam pagkatapos matanggap ang visa,pwede sa mgpasticker during departure dha sa airport

    • admin says:

      Hi Grace, if nagattend ka nang seminar at may yellow certificate at green certificate ka na pwede ka nang bumalik sa CFO Gold center para kumuha ng sticker, doon mo kukunin yong sticker hindi sa airport ayon sa pagkakaalam ko.

  35. juliet says:

    I just want to ask if I will go straight to take seminar at taft avenue first or go to cfo office first?

  36. juliet says:

    hi good eve… i just want to ask saja po bang ang certificate mo is Valid to travel to US even sa Korea ka pupunta?husband ko po kasi is US Army stationed in Korea

    • admin says:

      Hi there Juliet, sorry for the late reply. Just came home from 2 weeks vacation. Anyway glad to know na nakuha mo na CFO certificate, yes it is valid. Your CFO will indicate the nationality of your husband not your destination. :)

  37. juliet says:

    thank you very much… god bless you always

  38. juliet says:

    good day po mam… ask ko lng po once na my visa na po ako, pero nawala po ung cfo cert ko… pero nasa akin po ung resibo , anu po dapat ko gawin, pd p po ba aq qmuha ng pnibago? at once n nkkha po aq ng pnibago, pnibago din po ba apply ko ng visa o mgaapply po ba ulit aq ng visa?please help me nmn po…

    • admin says:

      Hi Juliet, good day too! Aw sorry to hear that, hindi mo na kailangang mag-apply ulit ng visa. Punta ka lang ulit sa CFO tapos sabihin mong nawala yong certificate mo, I have heard matagal daw makuha kapag hihingi ka ulit ng copy as one reader mentioned above pero hindi ko lang alam sa case mo na bagong kuha lang few months ago baka mas madali.

  39. chaneil says:

    hi, ask lng, if panu papunta dun from Cavite..thanks :)

    • admin says:

      Hi, hindi ko na rin matandaan eh once lang kasi ako pumunta at matagal na rin.. basta ang alam ko sakay lang ng bus papuntang Taft tapos either tricycle or jeep na pupunta sa CFO., sa harap ng Lasalle…

  40. babylyn alcoreza kim says:

    gd pm po, tanung ko lang po qung panu mag pa schedule kumuha ng certificate ng cfo po,,thanks

  41. win2x says:

    hi good morning.this is win2x from Cavite city..i would like to ask if I’m going to travel to other country for 15days vacation do i need to get CFO cert? or no need?please feedback…thank you so much:-)

    • admin says:

      Hi good morning too! I think you don’t need CFO if it is only for vacation purposes. But just in case you may call the CFO Office for verification. Thank you.

      As indicated – Who are the main beneficiaries of CFO programs?

      1. Filipino emigrants and immigrants or permanent residents abroad;
      2. Filipinos overseas who have become citizens of other countries or dual citizens;
      3. Filipino spouses and other partners of foreign nationals leaving the country;
      4. Descendants of Filipinos overseas as defined in B.P. 79
      5. Filipino youth overseas; and
      6. Exchange Visitor Program participants

      • kolor says:


        pag girlfriend ka lang ng isang foreigner at bibisita ka lang sa bansa nila, kelangan pa bang kumuha ng CFO?

        nakabisita na ako sa bansa nila pero kasi yung IO di naman ako hiningan before..

        • admin says:

          I think tourist don’t need a CFO certificate but lately I have heard tourist need to attend a PDOS (Pre-departure seminar) meron ata sa NAIA noon.

  42. virginia quisado says:

    hi po im Virginia po ask ko lang po pwedi po bang passport at NBI certificate lang ang dala kung requirements please help po.thnx

    • admin says:

      Hi Virginia, I think passport and NBI will do, but if you have other ID’s you can bring them as well or call/email them for inquiries. BTW, don’t forget to bring your NSO marriage certificate too.

      • virginia quisado says:

        hindi pa po ako kasal may bf po ako American tapos po plano po nming pumunta ng Thailand next month kailagan ko pa po bang kumuha ng cfo certificate kahit po vacation lang kming 2 sa Thailand let me know po.

  43. Jaewon says:

    Good eve! Ano oras po kaya ang pila sa cfo?kase may baby ako worry ako sa pagpila nmin kc breastfeed po sya sken and meron po ba kayo alam na malapit na hotel sa cfo?plan ko po ngaun thursday punta sa cfo. Korean po husband ko and wala pa po ako passport. So pag nkaseminar na po ba ako ibibigay na po ba nila ang certificate para makakuha ako ng passport? And anu po mga supporting documents? Thank you po

    • admin says:

      Hi there, sorry late reply as we are travelling, you can try Granprix Hotel sa Pasay isang sakay lang ata nang jeep papuntang CFO. As early as you can punta ka, para sure. As what I know, ilang araw ang seminar for Korean wives. Just bring ID’s, pics and anything sa tingin mo makakatulong sayo. There are few pages in FB na puro Korean wives ang member where you can ask and they will surely give you the right answer. You can contact me in my contact page just in case you need the links. Thank you.

  44. Enoy says:

    Hello po,, approved na po ung visa ng friend ko to canada. Kailangan pa po ba ng certificate bago sya umalis? Salamat po.

  45. jenneljn says:

    Hello po, ask ko lang isang linggo na yong email ko sa cfo office sa manila walang reply hanggang ngayon.asaan ba ako pupunta na cfo office para sa semiunar? sa Taft avenue ba? dito ako sa gensan at nalilito ako kasi sa website nila naka lagay citi gold yong address.

    samat po

  46. Hanney says:

    Hello and Good day po

    magpapachange name na po ako sa passport ko to my husband last name,,
    ask ko lang kasi nalilito po talaga ako
    Mag CFO po ba muna bago magpachange name sa passport..
    o pachange name muna then CFO..
    Thanks po in Advance

    • admin says:

      Hi Hanney, hindi ka pa nagCFO noon? Pagkakaalam ko required na ngayon ang CFO pagkukuha ka nang passport unlike before ok lang wala pang CFO, punta ka lang sa CFO at sabihin mong for passport application. Tapos kapag may visa ka na babalik ka na lang for sticker.

  47. Suzanne says:

    Hi….I just want to ask, I am going to get a seminar in CFO for my spousal visa to China but my husband is Canadian, he’s working overseas. What do you think should I get? Seminar for Asian Pacific like China or Canada? and also, I already done online appointment using my husband’s family name, is it ok to use my 2 maiden name ID’s as proof? I have my MC with me NSO authenticated.
    I need a Certificate from CFO to change my status in my passport. Its one of their requirements for married to foreign nationals.

    Thank you for reading. I hope to get an answer.


  48. laarni says:

    gud day. my husband is a korean and i had been interviewed in cfo cebu. pagkatapos, kailangan ko pa daw mg attend ng 2 day seminar for korean cultural orientation. kaya lang, before i can attend the seminar, may documentary requirements pa daw na kailangang ma comply. 1. certificate of family relation ng husband ko- dapat daw ma register na ang name ko at ng anak namin. 2. certificate of marriage relation- dapat ma register na ang kasal namin sa korea since yung wedding namin is dito lang sa phils., 3. resident registration of my husband in korea, 4. husband’s passport and 5. pictures of us together. i was really disappointed. i thought personal questions lang, marriage certificate namin and birth certificate of our daughter. hirap pa, kasi kailangang pumunta ni hubby sa korea to process # 1-3 documents. how about you? were you required to submit those in cfo manila? kasi medyo strict yung sa cebu considering na 4 yrs ko nang kilala ang husband ko before kami ngpakasal and 2 yrs na kaming mag-asawa. hoping to hear from u soon. gamsahamnida!

    • admin says:

      Hello Ms. Laarni, yes iba ang process if Korean ang husband mo madaming requirements at medyo strict na sila ngayon. Sorry very late reply. I hope you have your visa by now. :)

  49. Rio says:

    hi tanong ko lang Kung pwede Xerox ung cenomar at birthcertificate galing NSO?

  50. maricris says:

    Hello po good eve so late! :)
    Ask ko lng po medyo nallito aq about application form for Cfo
    Kc kaggawa ko lng ng appoinment through online.
    Nalagay ko is my single name not my husband last name.okay lng po b?
    and okay lng ba na 2 id’s na single p aq ang dlahin ko s cfo

    Kakasal lng nmin ng american Mr. ko this year.I need cfo for Passport change status.

    Salamat po Godbless! :)

    • admin says:

      Ok naman siguro just explained them your situation. If wala kang ID with married name kuha ka nang new postal ID :)

      • maricris says:

        Aaaw kumuwa na po aq postal i.d nito lng 24.. 22days working na SO WAITING PA! Dati 1 day lng. So no choice po tlga na i bring my 2 id’s n single p aq. For sure din kuwa na lng aq NBI.Sna makuwa ko in 1 day only.
        Online na din po ba NBI?

        Salamat po..:)

      • maricris says:

        Aaaw kumuwa na po aq postal i.d nito lng 24.. 22days working na SO WAITING PA! Dati 1 day lng. So no choice po tlga na i bring my 2 id’s n single p aq. For sure din kuwa na lng aq NBI.Sna makuwa ko in 1 day only.
        Online na din po ba NBI?

        Salamat po..:) really big help tong blog nyo

  51. maricris says:

    Hello po.ask lng po pde ba gamitin ang NBI clearance and my passport single as i.d for passport change status.kkasal lng po nmin

    • admin says:

      Hi Maricris, I am not sure but I think pwede naman siguro since NBI is accepted naman as valid proof of identification. Good luck!

      • Maricris says:

        Kmuwa na po aq knina Nbi sad nga lng my kapangalan aq.ang blik oct 6. :(
        Try ko n lng po explain s knila.tomorrow na sched.ko

        Maraming slamat po


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