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Armenian Church of the Holy Nazareth

Armenian Church of the Holy Nazareth

When we left the Catholic Church we search for Armenian Church nearby, it took us a while before we found it at the entrance is on tiny street. We just follow some people, before going inside we have to login our name to the guys at the gate. The Armenian Church of the Holy Nazareth is an Armenian Apostolic church a church that is located in the northwest corner of Barabazar in the Greater Kolkata area, and is called “Mother Church of the Indian Armenians”. It is possibly the oldest church in the Kolkata area. It was built in 1724 [...]

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Cathedral of the Most Holy Rosary

Holy Rosary Cathedral, Kolkata

We are both tired already but we still few places to see, we walked a lot already but we can’t find the Holy Rosary Cathedral. We asked a local and he is able to help us the street where we could find it, we ended in one old church but my husband says it is not the cathedral we are looking so we continue walking in a narrow street, there’s a lot of street vendor which means we are almost there. We found the cathedral after passing a lot of street vendors, we are not able to take a good [...]

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High Court Building in Kolkata

High Court Building, Kolkata

The oldest High Court in India is our next destination, Kolkata High Court is, it was quite large and there’s only small space to take picture so as you can see on my shot the fence was included. The High Court building is the exact replica of  the Cloth Hall, Ypres in Belgium so when the original Cloth Hall burnt down, a blue print of Granville’s Calcutta High Court had to be consulted before rebuilding it. The High Court was established as the High Court of Judicature at Fort William on 1 July 1862 under the High Courts Act, 1861. [...]

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Calcutta Town Hall Building and Museum

Kolkata Town Hall

We have many more places to visit and one of those is Kolkata Town Hall, when we arrived there’s group of grade school students eating separately, the boys where on the left and the girls where on the right. It seems they’re on a class field trip with their advisers and the white bus is their service. This town hall serves as a museum so before we could enter to the museum we have to pay a ticket and left our bags to their lockers located at the right of the museum.  You can’t go alone you have to wait [...]

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